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February 26, 2009


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Mmmm looks yummy. We're going to have to try it. And we do a dinner co-op too! (Is this a mentality I learned in Davis?!) But we do one dinner every other week because we found that we had a hard time committing to cooking every week (especially since I organized the trade, but Sam is the one cooking). I love it. Co-ops = brilliant!


So cool! How did you start it up? Just mentioned it to people at church or what? I want a dinner co-op! More details please.


Ever since my neighbor moved last year I have been mourning the loss of our co-op. It is such a great thing!'
The best thing about our co-op was that they lived next door. It really was a life saver!


What a cool idea. Hmmm.


That idea has never even crossed my mind. A dinner co-op! Sounds wonderful.


It's always great to hear about other dinner co-ops and how different people make it work. I've been doing dinner co-ops for over 10 years and know of people all over the country who've been doing them longer. For some helpful hints on getting started check out www.dinnerco-ops.com or my recent book-
Dinner at Your Door:Tips and Recipes for starting a Neighborhood Dinner Co-op.

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