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February 29, 2008


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Cute doll! :) You are lucky to have nieces to make girly things for. So far we only have little boys in this family - my 5th nephew is due to enter the world any day now.


She is a cutie! (And I sometimes wish I had a little girl too. And then Jack hits me in the head with a matchbox car and I am over it.LOL)


she is so cute! I sometimes wish I had a girl too. It's so much fun to sew for them. But, I am happy with the rough and tumbly boy too!

Sandi Henderson

Oh I'm sorry..I thought I was coming to Jessi's blog. This blog has a picture of a doll and it is in the color purple. I'm off to search out Jessi's blog. Thank you for the cute picture of the doll though.


Ah, she is adorable.


Love her, would love to see her in your shop too!


Hey! I love her ;) Casey


She is adorable! I love her.


So darling Jess! Great job!!!


What a fun project. Great doll, she's really cute.


Please put more in the shop. Agnes needs one.

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