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March 19, 2008


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Wow...we must be living parallel lives this morning...my two have been having meltdowns and misc. accidents since they woke up this morning. I threatened to send them to their rooms for naptime and it was only 10:15 or so. It is now blissfully quiet-true naptime-ah, the sound of silence. Here's wishing you that same feeling!


Ugh. Is it 6 pm yet? LOL


I hope your day gets better, Jessi!


Go crawl in bed and hide for 10 mins. May be just what the doctor ordered! Seems like your day is EVERY DAY at our house.
Lots of love!

PS- I still need to talk to you about May. I really REALLY want to go and Justin's cool with it as long as life doesn't take a very odd turn. (I'll tell you about it later.)


What is it about oil changes?! The last time I had the oil changed in my vehicle I had all 3 kids in tow and of course, Ava had to have a stinky diaper. There was nowhere to change her except right in the waiting area and it was one that couldn't wait to be changed. It was totally humiliating. Thankfully there was only an older gentleman waiting with us at the time and he acted like it was no big deal.

And as for the piles...I'm right there with ya!


Watch out, those piles are like rabbits. Every time I turn around another one appears!

Hope your day got better. :)


Hang in there... it'll be evening before you know it, and then you can have a glass of wine and get to your fabric pile!


It is hard to just exist sometimes when you are surrounded by piles. I agree with the idea of hiding in bed for 10 minutes, if possible. And then attack just one pile. Pretend that you have horse blinders on when it comes to the other piles. That helps me not to get overwhelmed and just throw up my hands and quit.

I hope that your day got better!


I hate days like that! Glad today is better.

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