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March 24, 2008


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Sounds like a great holiday! I put little pompom chicks and dimes in the plastic eggs we hid for Miss L. She's all about the surprise inside, so it doesn't matter if it's something to eat.


Those frogs are way cute! I think it would be a great use of destashing.


I put stickers and coins in a lot of the eggs this year. I've heard of some people typing up little knock-knock jokes and rolling them up in the eggs, and other cute ideas like that.


yes I would put a couple of coins in the eggs so they could have enough money to go buy ice cream one afternoon.
I use to put in outings....
a trip to the movies
or a trip to the zoo...
the library and then go for ice cream...
a bike ride ...
different activities they really enjoyed
and they could hand it one coupon a month. I did this as they got older 6 and older...
very little candy in our house too.


Cheerios and Goldfish were popular at our house, too.

I think it's best to slow down. We scaled way back this year and no one seemed to mind. Glad I did it while Henry's still young so he doesn't have too many expectations:)


Happy Easter! About the candy, I'm looking for alternatives as well. We did do a little book and DVD. Luckily, DD isn't a big candy fan. She just likes to lick the jellybeans:)

Mary Beth

I love reading people's Easter recaps--so fun! I'm glad you enjoyed making those frogs too--my kids really liked tossing and catching them. I love your fabrics. And thanks for the cake link--have to make that.

kim sue

We have done a variation of many of the above ideas over the last 8 years. We hardly ever put candy in. She gets enough candy already - I don't think she is missing out. And I agree with one of the comments above that the kids love the hunt and the brief suprise of what's inside. Jokes would be great for us - I think I will steal that idea.

For the last few years I have stuffed the eggs for school with those stretchy animals (worms, bugs, frogs, lizards) and the kids love it.

Last year (at home) since she was old enough to read, we did a scavenger hunt with clues in the eggs she really liked that.
I saw (too late for this year) an idea of filling the eggs with the supplies needed for an art project. I am definitely going to do that next year because my big girl loves art projects.

We also use quick egg hunts in the house for study during Easter week too. We had spelling words, math facts, and vocabulary words!

At work I use Easter eggs a lot for kids to practice their speech words. Last year I bought "eggs" shaped like sports balls and use them all year. It is amazing what kind of "work" you can get out of a kid when they are having fun!


N. isn't really into candy that much, so he was excited by coins in the plastic eggs and we would sometimes put one or two dollar bills in one. One year we had a few $2 bills that we put in the eggs. We've also used stickers, temporary tattoos, superballs, Playdoh, Matchbox cars, and goldfish crackers.


Cute, cute frogs and a very nummy looking cake!


It sounds like you had a pretty good balance. That is the hard part, I think. Trying to be super mom and go all out when what they really want is for us to just sit down. I'm not sure I have ever achieved that balance.

The frogs are adorable!


I think Easter is more of a time to think about the Savior than a time to be busy. Simple Easters are the best!
We just did candy this year because I wasn't with it early enough either, but we normally do art supplies in their baskets and the kids love it when they find money inside the eggs.
We had my sister over for breakfast and I made most of it the night before, so it was nice to visit and do our egg hunt in the morning with family.
Happy Easter!


Cute frogs! (Or, as Griffin would say, "soggies.")


Glad you liked the cake! Friends over to share it is always a good idea. It's a big cake. :)

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