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March 12, 2008


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Sandi Henderson

LOLOLOLOLOL..I'm extra laughing because we had a huge pretzel stomp in the kitchen yesterday too..



Oh the tattling! Good times! Just wait til you know it was something Peter did and he blames it on Ned. That's what Hannah has figured out with Luke. She can blame anything on him- she's even trying to say that Hailey did it now. Kids are so funny!


I am amazed at how alike our children are. I often describe Adrianna as sassy as well.


Pretzels are so fun to crunch underfoot. So's Kix cereal.


Sup Sheera :0 I don't know what happened to my other comment it must have floated into blogger space somewhere. So hey thanks for the fabulous party and yummy cake... I love ya (but I can still kick your trash) for now that its as soon as this baby transforms me into an ommpaloompa all bets are off!


Love the banner! What a neat thing to get out for every birthday.

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