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March 25, 2008


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You are a brave, brave woman!


Beautiful view:-)

Is he holding a vegetable steamer?


It looks like Peter is prepared for whatever you may encounter .... he will steam those assailants ... I see I new comic book character in the works ... you've inspired you old, arthritic, mother to go for a walk at lunch today ... before the rain comes, hopefully ... Love you all, Mom


I was wondering about the steamer too! haha!

Your view of the jungle is lovely! And your wild animals are just adorable!


What a gorgeous view!

I love that Peter is holding a steamer. Too cute!


Sounds like a fun time!


I love the steamer. What a way to multi-task -- playing one minute and eating the next.
I can't believe how much snow you still have in the "jungle".


Did it snow there this morning too? We walked up to the temple last Saturday. It's nice to be able to get out even though I still think it's a bit too cold. Pushing the kids uphill is really a good workout!
Peter cracks me up!

Jenn : )

What adorable little running buddies you have! : D

Dena Berg (sugar shop)

They should put those steamers in the boys toy section. I bet they'd sell a ton! When my little guy was 4 and we'd go to Target he wanted one so bad and my mom finally bought him one. He just turned six and he still pulls that thing out and plays with it! I thought we were the only ones lol!


wow..those mountains with snow are so beautiful! I never get to see sights like that anymore...I miss it. And of course the wild animals are as cute as buttons..steamer and all! ;-)

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