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March 14, 2008


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I was seriously MAD when I woke up to snow again! Hannah was so funny because when I was taking her to preschool she was like, "Darn that snow! I'm so UPSET! It's never going to melt and be Spring!" I wonder where she heard something like that.
We should learn to knit together. After you refresh me on crochet! Or at least show me how to use the meager skills I have.


Ugh, enough with the snow already! When is spring going to get here?! Even after temps in the 40s this week we still have some piles of snow lying around. The socks are beautiful! Wow!


I agree.. Wow! Those socks are amazing. I think the high temp here today was 60 degrees, just a little bit on the chilly side:)


Luckeeeeeeee. My feet are always cold! I need to make some socks.


Those socks are dreamy.

We don't wake up to snow here...EVER! But right now it has been chilly. We are only suppose to be in the 60's today!


those are AWESOME!!! how lucky are you?


Hey, awesome socks! =) I'm so glad you like them so much. I'm halfway through the next pair for you.


Mmmm, cozy!

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