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April 28, 2008


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This cake idea is SO cute! How long did it take to put together? I am definitely filing this one away as a fun idea to use... hopefully soon!


Wow it looks amazing! No wonder you are now mentally fatigued!


Cute decorations.

Oh man, I hate HATE shower games!!!! I really thought they did away with them a few years ago, but SURPRISE! they didn't!!


That paper cake is so amazing! Sounds like a crazy busy weekend. No wonder you are tired!


Oh man that cake is a wonderful idea.


I can't stand shower games! I generally say the word "baby" or "cry" or "birth" right away so that i can give away my clothespin!

The cake is adorable. What a perfect creation!


The cake is very cute. Your are amazing in the way you tackle new projects.
I also dislike shower games.

Sue W

SOO Darn Adorable!!! Hurry and make one for Andi's shower tonight, HA!HA! Sounds like a crazy weekend! I loved you "Davis" post! I thought of you on picnic day!


That turned out super cute. I think if I would have tried something like that it would have taken me months:)


Such cool decorations! I've never seen a paper cake before. I love it and I will have to use the idea. Justin's and Hailey's birthdays are next week and then mine. I don't think we're having a formal party for any of us this year though. I'll find some way to use it though!!!


That cake was the best looking cake I've ever seen, honestly, and my mom's a cake decorator ;) I thought the shower was perfect without games. I also think they're an unnecessary evil. Thanks for bringing the beautiful decor and all. You're awesome!


Looks so fun that I had to try some. Thanks for the inspirations.




Cute! What an awesome idea.

Jenn : )

What a beautiful cake - the colors are wonderful!


Jessi ... such a great idea ... and that cake has the right amount of calories for me!!


that is awesome!!!! i absolutely love love love it! go take a nap!


i'm with you, who needs stinkin shower games! Your cake turned out marvelous, what a great idea and your banner is so precious!!


That cake is stunning! I can't imagine the amount of work that went into it! Wow.


That cake is the cutest!

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