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April 07, 2008


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The cake, the tree, just perfect! Happy Birthday to your big boy!!


Happy birthday! I love the letters and numbers! My oldest daughter's favorite book was chicka chicka boom boom too, but she is almost 20 years old now! :)


Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

That tree & letters is so so cute. What a great idea. :)


Hapde Burfday Peter!

Love the tree idea.


Happy birthday, Peter! I think the cake looks pretty cool; never would have known it was supposed to be anything else. And the tree! FABULOUS!!


Happy Birthday!! Four is a great year! Another wonderful idea with the Tree. I just finished the fish. Guess I'll have to try a tree! Casey


Happy Birthday Peter! That tree is so cute. You are so talented Jessi :)


I am so glad that he loves the star wars guys. They are a staple around here.
And you win the good mom award for staying up and MAKING a gift for him!


What a great Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom craft!!! It does look very time consuming, but worth every second! (I think I just had a memory of making a volcano/dinosaur cake for one of my boys years ago ... Hmmm.)

Happy birthday, big guy!


Awesome cake! I loved it, even if it wasn't exactly as planned. I love how creative you are ALL the time. Keep it up so I can keep learning from you.


I can't believe Peter is already 4! Cute idea about the Chicka-Chicka Tree. Have you seen the DVD of someone reading the story? It's fun with a catchy song. Happy Birthday Peter!


love the cake, the chicka chicka tree is adorable! i love seeing what you're up too, it gets my creative juices flowing. btw i finally got around to fixing the quilt gavin snipped. not fun, but it works.

kim sue

the cake is super cute - my mess ups never turn out that creative! I know he will love that tree for a long time.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and 123 were my son's favorite books, too. I love what you made - you're so creative! And that was a great way to save the cake. It looks like you planned it that way!

Sugarshop (Dena Berg)

What a great idea! My 6 year old is suddenly very into trying to spell everything which I love. He has recently take up with the long forgotten plastic colored ABC magnets that we bought when he was a baby. I keep thinking I should buy another set since we are missing so many letters. Now I think I will make them. Thanks for the inspiration!


That Chicka Chicka tree is amazing! What a great idea!


Wow Jess. You are amazing. What a neat gift. And look at all your comments! Congratulations.


What a special day it looked to be! Beautiful cake decorations too. I am your apron swap partner- thought I would drop by and say hi to your blog!

Sandra~My Inspired Heart

I adore your Chicka Chicka set! Fabulous....and Happy Birthday to your little one!

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