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April 30, 2008


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Eh, I think everyone is different about "bouncing back" from pregnancy. Having Jack was really, really hard on me. I still have some issues.


Good job Jessi. I haven't run much since college because it seems like I'm always pregnant or nursing or recovering from either. Plus, my kids hate riding in strollers for very long and living in a super hilly area like I did certainly put a damper on things. Maybe I'll be more motivated here. By the way, I ran into that roommate last month, if she's who I think she is. She was my Maternal/Fetal medicine doctor who checked out my ultrasound. That was kind of weird. She looked tired, but really good. She has two kids and is working on her M/F residency. Running into her made me think about where I am and how I got here and what else I could have done with my life. I decided I am very content and pleased with where I am. It was good to see her again, though. I didn't know you were doing so much with running. I'm glad to hear your hips are okay so far. I won't complain about mine anymore! I didn't know that about your mom. Yikes!


I would like to start running. I just don't have any spare time that is not spent with kids. (And I don't think I can wake up any earlier.)

Both my father and my youngest brother were on the Cross Country & Track team in high school. I think if I tried, I could do it. It must be in my genes. Somewhere.


Once again, I love the photo ... but then it is of my grandsons ... and big brother is helping little brother ... too sweet. Peter looks very intent on making sure Ned's feet get in the right place ... Congrats on the training ... you're pretty amazing .. I need to follow your lead and get a workout schedule set up ... Do you use any rewards system or is the buddy system the key for your success?


That's awesome. When Mark trains for marathons, they never actually run 26.2 miles in the training. I think they go up to 22 miles. He seems to do several 18 mile runs. It's good you are taking it slow. When Mark first decided to run the Chicago Marathon he thought the suggestion that you should have been running one year before beginning the training did not pertain to him. He got a pulled groin muscle during his training and wasn't able to run the marathon that year! I have great respect for you; I think you'll definitely be ready to run the half marathon in September!


I am always so amazed at runners, it was never something I enjoyed and it hurt my feet! Walking I can do. But oh wow training for a marathon now that is dedication....way to go.


Oh Jessi. I'm so proud!***tear***
I haven't done much running lately, but I'm almost positive I'll be ready to do the half with you. It's in Utah right?


I'm excited for you guys, maybe I'll go down to cheer you on. I'd love to do it, but I have "issues" as well (we can talk about it later), I just don't think running is in my future.
I do like to see your workout schedule though, it has inspired me to actually write mine down. So far so good.

Jenn : )

What an inspiring post.

Josh and I just started running and I can honestly say that I feel better throughout the day when I've run in the morning. The hard part for me is getting out of bed to do it.

What do you say to yourself on days when you know you should run - but you don't want to get out there? Especially those grey, rainy days?

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