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April 20, 2008


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What a wonderful moment to capture for posterity! You must be so proud.


How cute that he figured that out all by himself! Smart kid!

Looking forward to you tutorial.


Awww, too freaking cool! Yea for Peter.


Too cute.

Good luck on your tutorial! I can't wait to see it.


Nice penmenship. Pretty impressive. His "y's" especially look like yours. =)


That's a nice surprise! I like how he spelled out the colors with the right color of chalk.


So cool! I should work on spelling more with Hannah and Luke. Hannah pretty much only knows how to write her name and mom. She's probably ready to learn more. She writes random letters all the time and asks me what they say.


how cool! Way to go Peter!

Thanks for the link to the alphabet crafts. Isaiah will really love those ideas.

Can't wait for your tutorial. I just finished mine up!


What a stinking smarty pants dude my kid doesn't do that :) See Peter is a quiet little genius like his daddy! By the way you invites were way cute let me know if you guys need help.


1st, thanks for your 2 cents on my whiny "what about me?" post! I need all the feedback I can get on that!

So neat about Peter's colors and I love how you captured it! Griffin is my one who has struggled (well, compared to his sister) and tonight he sat at the kitchen table and recited my phone # out loud over and over out of nowhere. I can't explain how excited I was, only another mother could understand.

I have been meaning to tell you that Griffin's speech therapist recommended yoga for him. I thought, yeah, where do they teach that for 4 year olds? But I finally found a class and enrolled him! It is supposed to really help with producing slower, easier speech. (He has repetition issues, among others.) Anyway, just thought I'd pass that along. I need to do a post on my blog about it eventually. I figure with speech therapy three times a week and yoga once a week, we can't lose, right?


wow, that is really cool! it is so fun to see these steps! and i liked the abc issue of kids craft weekly, too.

(and for natasha - there are yoga videos - we got a cool one from target which the kids like)

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