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April 14, 2008


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How fun! Happy blogiversary!


Lovely weather here too!

Happy blog birthday! Yours is a gem. So many great ideas here!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Blog-birthday. Long time lurker here. But I am a sucker for banners so I had to comment. I'd LOVE one of your banners!!!!
Congrats on your 1 year mark.


Happy bloggy birthday to you! We've had crazy weather here, it was almost 100 yesterday, and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 65. What the...?! How are we supposed to deal with that? Sorry I have no photography hints, but I think your banners are just fantastic. Very glad I found your blog, can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.


Seriously, I love those banners! And I love that you started blogging. So nice for me!


Hooray for birthdays! Imagine me blowing noisy party horns and planting a pointy birthday hat on your head. Congrats and keep it up...


Happy Blog Birthday!:) Glad you have been enjoying nice weather. Our weather went from the 60's to the 80's and back to the 60's in the span of a week. Talk about crazy!

Sandi Henderson

Oh pick me, pick me! Eliza's birthday is coming up and it would be perfect! I might even be persuades to donate the fabric... Oh and then I could display it in my booth... I think I have found your winner!



Happy Blogiversary! I have been eyeing these banners for a while now, and I would LOVE LOVE to win one!


Happy blog birthday, Jessi! I'm so glad that I "met" you!


That is perfect weather for a birthday! Even if it is for a blog. There is always a need to celebrate!


Happy Birthday to you & your blog!! :)


I love reading your blogs ... and seeing pictures of the boys ... happy blog birthday ...


Delurking to say Happy Birthday. I really enjoy your blog

Beth H

I've been meaning to make one of these...how about lessening my load!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Terri E

Oh htat is so cute. HAPPY BLOG B-DAY. I would love to win this as my birthday is friday. Yippie 53 I will be..
Have a great week. Thank you for doing this..


I really enjoy your blog, happy birthday!


OOOOH I have a little one with a birthday coming up who would love to have a banner!

I just celebrated my blogiversary in February also. Congrats....and many more.



Happy Birthday!
Love your projects... great bags, cute aprons and fun banners!


I've enjoyed reading your blog. :) Happy blog birthday!


Happy Blog-B-Day -- I enjoy your blog and all your great ideas and pictures


Hapde first burfday!

(I wish I could help on that banner photo problem. I have the same issue.)


Happy blog birthday. Can I just say that I'm glad for the nice weather after a whole week of cold weather with snow everyday?


I love these banners! I would love to have one in my home!

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