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April 23, 2008


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what fun goodies!


Sorry your weekend didn't turn out as you planned. What perfect timing though with that package your friend sent you. We didn't get to Picnic Day, we actually talked about going this year, unfortunately, someone was working:( The wiener dog races will have to wait!


Isn't it nice getting mail from friends?

I used the bag you sent me today, and I got loads of compliments. My daughter said it was much nicer than the ones I make...

Just so you know, your blogger profile link took me to your old blog.


Why did we ever leave? Why?


I'm so so glad you like it all! I forgot to tell you that the books I sent (except for the kids' version of Pride & Prejudice, of course) are all by Davis authors! Leave it to Davis, even the Borders employees are super nice and knowledgeable. And thanks for the compliment on the button detail... did you notice that it's hiding the fact that the straps were way to long at first? Every mistake is a design opportunity...


Small world! We spent five years in Davis while Dave was getting his PhD in Entomology. We actually lived a time in Yuba City, while I was teaching high school there. Our son, Liam, was born there. A special time.

Looks like a great care-package! Take Care, Casey


What a nice treat. I love when that happens.

Have a great weekend.

Carolyn Worl

Very small world! I live in Woodland! I found your blog because Amy (?) over at Motherload linked to your peanut butter recipe. I'm up later than usually tonight waiting on people and thought I'd scroll around blog-land. I get to the post on my blog about your PB and get to your current page and see we were neighbors!

I unknowingly went to the farmer's market on Picnic Day a few years ago. My mom, small son and I set out for a few hours of leisurely strolling through the market and ended up leisurely strolling to the Davis PD office to get my car out of hawk from the tow company who kindly moved it for the nice people of Davis when I parked in a, clearly??, marked no parking zone! *BIG EYE ROLL* West Sac impound lots are so much fun on a Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to freecycle.org and a wonderful giver of baby items, I ended up in Davis again, unknowingly, on Picnic Day and ended up being re-routed off of I-80 when I missed my exit.

awww, gotta love living here!!! :)


I'm so glad you loved it in Davis. It sounds truly lovely and I'm now extra disappointed we never made it out to visit you. I hope you don't wilt too much in Chubuck (you HAVE to love the name, at least!) I'm sorry you missed Picnic Days. Big Hug!!


What a sweet, sweet package!

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