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May 18, 2008


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I love the cheque book cover -I didn't realise that many people actually still wrote cheques (and businesses accepted them)!


LOL my big plans are to try and figure out where all the time is going?

The checkbook cover is sweet.


Great cover, Jessi! I like the contrast detail on the front. And yay for such a fun custom order!

I know what you mean about making summer plans. L's last day was Friday and the boys wrap up this week, so I need to get it together and figure out what we can do this summer that doesn't involve watching TV.


Ooh, very nice!


The check book cover is very cute. I might have to try making one and get rid of the plastic navy thing I use now!

I can't believe school's out here in two weeks. I haven't planned a darn thing yet. :)

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