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May 20, 2008


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Awesome checkbook cover. That wedding sounds pretty time consuming, but what a great idea. Good job on the clearance shopping. I didn't know about the coupon search, so thanks for that!


I usually hit the Children's Place Outlet in Gettysburg. I bought pants for all the boys for the next school year for a fraction of the cost of brand new. I walk out a happy woman almost every time.


Cute goods!

the only thing I don't like about online shopping is the slow shipping times for some companies! I am so impatient about things like that!


Hehehe! He loves the boots so much that he forgot to check they were on the right feet! LOL! It's funny what kids will do when they're excited by something new.


I have searched for coupon codes before and been pretty lucky.
Cute finds!


google-ing coupon codes is the greatest! i love all you goodies. what a great deal!


i've bought clearance from them, too - and it took a while! but for $5...

i also always check lands end overstocks around season changes. i just bought 2 pairs of new snow boots, 2 pairs of mittens, and 2 pairs of sandals - all cheap!


I love The Childrens Place. I don't think I have ever paid full price for anything there. And they have pretty cute clothes!


well done! seriously nice price shopping as well.

Sue Wiscombe

I am impressed!! IS there anything better than a great bargain? Love the check book cover. I saw Cheryl's adorable things you made-I love having talented friends!!

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