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May 27, 2008


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That last picture is just TOO MUCH! She is gonna hate it when she is a teenager! ;)


Oh man, that last picture makes me laugh. Terrible I know.

Sandi Henderson

Wow! The pictures look amazing!



nice shots! i am constantly learning about what my camera can do.


Not to shabby! I guess all that stuff you went through to get the camera was well worth it, eh? I'm impressed with the photo's. As always you seem to be really good at that too!


Congrats! You do a great job of composing your shots. I love the facial expressions and the details in the nature pic. The exposure/lighting is excellent! Maybe we should go "play" photographers one day! I still need lots of practice.


These are fabulous! I want to lean how to use my camera in any mode other than automatic too!


The pictures look great! Encourages me to try and learn about my slr camera. I'm on automatic all the time except for the one setting I know to take pics of my jewelry outside. I know there is so much more it can do thought.

That picture of your neice is the best! The art of being 2...thats hilarious!


Love the last photo. :) It looks like you are making great progress with your camera! I'm still on auto with mine right now. I need to play around with it. I've only had it two weeks, though, so that's my excuse. :)


I agree the pictures look great. Especially the last one:)

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