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June 12, 2008


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Oh man, I am missing the cold already. We are boiling down here!


what a fun project! he'll love it!


what a great crafty day! hope you guys have a great weekend!


For the weekend, I'm sending you some of our hot & sticky weather. Hope you guys have a Happy Fathers Day.


How fun! My kids love doing "paper and glue" as they call it. We love to make ispy books too with pages from magazines.
I hear you on the weather. Way to see the positive. It really hasn't been too bad here, but not swimming weather yet.


Oh yeah. I am still wearing turtlenecks. What is up with that? My garden has weeds that are bigger than the plants and it still is raining.


I just tell myself this is what it is like in Europe this time of year and that means I should love it. Poor E is just dying to play in the pool outside, though.

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