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June 29, 2008


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looks like you guys are busy and enjoying summer! sometimes its harder to fit in blogging than others. glad to see you though!


What else do you laminate?


Sounds like a busy week! I've been thinking about getting a laminator for a while, I just don't know how much I would use it. My sister has one, but she lives in Oregon.
I want to make FHE and church packets for the kids and have them laminated. How much easier would it be if I had one? Might have to look into it again!


Last week was fun. No problem on the pictures. They are not the quality I'm used to seeing on this blog, but they'll do;)
See you in August!


Those placemats are cool. I have a laminator, too, from Walmart that I've had for a few years. I don't use it often, but I'll have to try to remember that place.


Fun placemats. I didn't realize home laminating was so affordable. Hmmm.


Nice placemats ... as for the thrift shopping ... I did a little in Kanab last week ... so I have a few items for you ... some patterns, bags of ribbons/lace, and a set of gold dessert dishes ... you'll have to check them out and see if you want any of them...

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