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July 18, 2008


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Wow! All of that for $20 is a great deal.

I have to figure out how to get multiples of papers too. We dont have a community recycling bin like that.


Oh how I love couponing!! I believe that I see a little CVS shopping?? I got the shampoo deals too.

I have a great stockpile going with the bath and body items. I'm still trying to convince my hubby to use them when he goes out,Lol.



Way to go Jess! I did that for awhile, but it became too time-consuming for me and my kids are so difficult at stores in general. There's no way I could hit four stores in a row. I also didn't like how I ended up buying different brands all the time. I did think of it, though, as a job in a way, because by saving money I was increasing the power of Mark's income. Maybe, though, as things get more and more expensive, I'll start doing it again. Thanks for all the great information!


I use thegrocerygame.com You have to pay for it, but it has a free 8 week trial. You should clip coupons for a few weeks before you try it. I think it saves a lot of time, and what I save makes up for the cost in the end.

Sheri Blaisdell

Jesse...I ordered one of your checkbook covers from your Etsy site and I love it. It almost makes me happy to pay bills!
If you live in Eastern Idaho I wonder if you went to school in Pocatello or Marsh Valley? I went to high school at Marsh Valley and just wondered if I knew you... random I know but I love your blog and feel like I know you. But can't remember names very well!


I've been doing a little couponing and deal hunting this summer. I'm sure it'll be easier when school starts. I'll have more time to search for coupons/deal and more time to shop. Oh, and I won't have to give in to some of the items DS wants to buy!

Here are a couple other sites for you:


Wow, I just came across this blog and I love it! You have such AMAZING ideas!!!!


I think you are doing VERY well! The whole time issue is what gets me, but I am all about saving $.


it's already been suggested, but i HIGHLY suggest thegrocerygame.com you do pay for it (but it's like a buck or week, or so). the website is pretty easy to use & you only have to shop at one store. it takes a couple of weeks to ramp up (she explains that sales go in 12 week cycles) so you may not have all the coupons at first, but i've had incredible savings and not very much wor at all. & i don't buy things just because it's on sale, i only stick to brands i like.


I don't think I can take all the credit. I got into it through another blogger! The whole thing is pretty amazing once you get it down. I'm not into it as much as I should be yet, but every little bit counts!
Great job on your deals!!!


I also recommend thegrocerygame.com. They do all the work for you combining sales and coupons. All I do is hold onto the coupon inserts without clipping. Then I clip the coupons as I need them--they tell you which insert and date you can find the coupon. I have saved so much money with the subscription!

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