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August 20, 2008


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What lovely gifts!
That's a great story about your wedding. I only got multiples of one thing - a little cow that pours milk. It kind of makes me happy to have two of those. :D

Christina J.

Awesome idea. I love the towels!


Great ideas here today! Homemade gifts will be given for Christmas this year and I am already thinking of ideas. Must start soon...

Garin Brooks

Jessica! Every now and then someone calls me from your phone... Those gifts, especially the towels, are amazing. I wish we got cute hand towels! So I've recently gotten into a book group down here in Provo, and I was looking for good books for next month. Any suggestions? And does Phoebe Fillmore still have a blog - the link on your old blog doesn't work. Hope all is well! I miss you guys! - Garin


I love the towels and dishcloths! Such great color choices too!


I love your homemade crafts. I've been crafting away here at Christmas gifts. I just might make some towels like that for co-workers and such...I think that'd be the perfect gift!


I am just catching up on all the blogs I've missed for awhile and I gotta say, I loved Jonah's gift. Just like I said on my blog about souvenirs, I love meaningful gifts, and homemade ones are definitely that. Thank you so much for the thought and work on it :)


Jessi - your handmade gifts are the BEST!!! I've gotten so many compliments on the diaper bag you gave me - and I feel so stylish carrying it around. I did lunch with a friend the other day, and she couldn't comment enough on how cute the bag is. She looked it over when I arrived, half way through lunch and when I left. (Incidentally, when she has a baby, I'll have to buy one from you, so keep some fabric handy.) It is definitely one of the best gifts I got for the little one! - Heather


I think we got 10 teakettles for our wedding. The tea towels are a great alternative for the new couple!

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