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August 27, 2008


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Oh I do not miss my anatomy and physiology days!!! I never made so many flashcards-I'll be sending all my A&P love your way! Our favorite summer meal is "Fruit and Bread" where we head to the farm market and pick all the fruit that looks pleasing and buy a homemade loaf of bread and eat it all outside!

Christina J.

That recipe sounds good. I planned to make hummus a while back and couldn't find tahini. This week I bought the store-made hummus, but your recipe makes me want to look again for tahini.

Good luck on your half marathon! You can do it!


Good luck on your run! I'll be rooting for you from good ol' Maryland.

I love hummus, but no one else in my family eats it. As usual. I also have a hard time finding tahini. I remember seeing it once or twice, but I can't remember where. (I usually omit it.)


I'll be thinking of you Saturday while in the midst of moving. You'll do great. I'll bet you'll even surprise yourself!

I haven't had hummus in years. (I think Justin doesn't like it. Then again, maybe I just imagined that.) Sounds good to me though- maybe I need to check my local stores for the tahini!


Just remember to be friendly (but not overly need)y with the prof and TAs!

Good luck on your run...I thought about running for about half a second after watching the Olympic marathons and then remembered I hate running!

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