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September 06, 2008


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Beth H

We just had a rummage sale and Goodwill run this weekend and man does it feel good to just get rid of it!!
I also got a bunch of baskets at Goodwill and printed labels (with pictures) for all my son's toys in his room. It at least makes me feel better about it all.
Good Luck!


I'm dealing with this too -- I fell like I have too much stuff to get organized.

I'm planning on painting my sewing room and then only putting back into the room what I am sure I will use. I also got new shelves that should hold everything.

Of course, I'm not allowed to start this "fun" project until I finish my work projects.


I think things have to be really easy to put away, or else you just pile them up and never bother to put them away. Obviously that means everything has to have an actual place.

My sewing room tends to be messy as hell too though. Either I have time to create or time to clean, but not really time to do both right now. LOL


I think the best way to control clutter is to not let is accumulate. Deal with it right then. If you can't, then have one spot that all the things that need to be dealt with go and deal with them asap--at least once a week at a scheduled time. It only takes a few seconds usually and saves you a lot of time later. It also saves you brain space and stress because you don't think about it once it's taken care of/put away. I've been reading Martha Stewart's Housekeeping Handbook and if I did everything she said, I would be cleaning all the time too, so I just have to pick and choose what is best for me. It has helped me be better at cleaning, though. I just didn't know some things.


I think there has to be some of the mess going on in order to create properly. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ALTHOUGH, I do love a clean work area and this also helps me to be creative. Hmmm, it's a conundrum....


Ooh. Very nice. I'm envious of all these crafters with their own rooms! I used to have a room until we had more kids.


Unfortunately, cleaning up seems to be the curse of all mothers. For me, I can't stand clutter or things laying around. I can't relax until it's picked up.
I have come to realize that it has more to do with how we are wired and as long as everyone in the family seems to be handling the preferred state of messiness, it's okay!


I want to heare more about this Spanish for Healthcare class!

My "craft" room looks more like a dumping ground right now - spare twin bed, rolled up rug pad, etc.


Nice before and after!

I also have a problem with clutter. I spent weeks cleaning/dejunking my craft room this spring. Although I have been keeping it fairly organized, I find it difficult since I am such a packrat. I keep running out of places to put things.

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