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September 01, 2008


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Yea Jessica! Congratulations! You and Tricia are amazing.


PS You are really glad we didn't come up because now we are all sick and this is a really nasty stomach flu. Blech!


Congratulations for not only making the decision to do this run but for sticking to it and pushing through to your new beginning!


I am always impressed with people who manage to run more than a mile. I have never had the drive or the motivation. I can't imagine the sense of accomplishment you must feel.

And, having moved a few times, it really does get easier and you eventually figure out how to adjust to each space. But, even knowing that from personal experience, it doesn't always make it easier:) If only every place could be Davis...


way to go... congratulations!


Congrats! That was a huge accomplishment! And, a great friend to celebrate the moment with too.



I know what you mean about a move, I've lived here 5 years and I still haven't found a good way to "integrate" into the community. Luckily, my family is only an hour away -- which also may be the reason I haven't become a part of our town socially....


I'm so proud of you! Congrats on your accomplishment. I am totally impressed!

Christina J.

Great job! I'm happy to hear you finished. What an awesome accomplishment.


Congratulations! What a fantastic accomplishment!!!


Congrats! I'm excited you finished!


Great Job! I'm so happy that you accomplished this! I understand feeling like it is just not home here. Sometimes it takes a while. Thanks for being a good friend.


This is fantastic, job well done!


Congratulations! I am so impressed:) Totally understand and relate to all that you wrote about moving and adjustment. It took me about three years to adjust:)


Way to go Jesse! Our runs together have been so fun and have helped me a lot too! It's great to have a friend to talk to. Don't forget you just ran a half marathon and not only finished it, you completed it in your goal time! What an accomplishment!


WTG, Jessi! You are both superstars!


Wow! Congratulations!! That is wonderful. (and I'm totally jealous.)

Sue W

Jessi- I am so proud of you, you have got to feel great reaching that finish line. I really loved reading this post, it is great to know that everyone has their struggles and that we all have are lives in a "funk" at one time or another. You are amazing!! Thanks for the inspiration!


I am so proud of you! You and Tricia stuck with the goal you set last winter in our workout group and you made it happen! I remember the first night you mentioned your desire to do that. You and Tricia started talking and soon that dream formed a training schedule. I'm so happy for you.
Just so you know, I appreciate what a great friend you are to me. You are always so concerned with what's going on in my life. When I come to visit, you always get me talking about my life when I'm really there to help you with yours. Let me know if I can ever help you out. You are a great friend and role model. Congrats on your accomplishment!


What an amazing accomplishment! Way to go Jessi, Kudos all around! I must admit, I am glad you are here, otherwise we would have never met. You are an amazing friend who is always honest and caring! Thank You! Ok our new goal is to make it through A&P alive (well at least that's mine, you already know what you're doing).


Congratulations!!!!! You should be totally proud of yourself!

Mandy Forsey

Just so you know - I'm proud of you! This is just what I needed to see. I want to set a hefty goal like this, but I seem to find too many reasons why I can't, but I know you have more reasons than I do, and yet you did it. That shows me I can too. Thanks for being such an awesome friend and someone I truly look up to.

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