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September 24, 2008


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I live in a small town and I am able to find whole milk plain yogurt in the natural foods section of our grocery, where the baby yogurts are (http://www.stonyfield.com/). It's worth it.

I also don't believe in making Jaxon a separate meal, but he usually ends up eating a ton of fruit and little else.


I make one meal at dinner and that's usually it. They can pick at it and eat what they want, but I just can't cater to everyone and their desires. It's just too nuts for that. Once in awhile, I might make a meal geared more towards Joe and I, and on those nights, I will make the kids something else. For example: potato soup. My kids will not eat potatoes, but Joe and I enjoy potato soup. On the rare nights I fix soup, I make them grilled cheese or nuggets. Something simple. I always offer soup, though. They just refuse it.

My family is more picky than yours. No tomatoes (some have even picked through pizza and spaghetti sauce to remove "chunks"), no mushrooms, no green peppers, and definitely no eggplant! I will eat anything. Joe and the kids don't. (See what I have to suffer?? I have to puree salsa if I intend to use it as an ingredient.)


That sounds delicious. Usually Isaiah is a pretty good eater, but I won't make him anything else besides what we're eating for dinner (most of the time ;)) He'll eventually eat it, or just not eat anything at all.

I really like this recipe. It's simple and delicious, although I didn't make it with the spicy curry.


Looks heavenly! My kids' pickiness varies week to week too. Today they didn't eat the potatoes blisters I made. Even with ketchup. Whoa. They usually adore potatoes baked in oil. Whatever. I thought they were great. =) They ate all their salad right up, though, which they wouldn't hardly touch a week ago.


Sounds so good. Justin loves Indian, but I've never tried to cook it. I'll have to give it a go!


Good words.

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