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January 17, 2009


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Oh, Jess! Those dresses are darling! I would love to win the one for Little Peep. I'll put it on my blog too. If not, maybe I can get the pattern and make her one myself. That would be awesome. How fun to have a day of sewing with your mom.


Wow, eight dresses, I wish I could make even one. They are very cute.


Wow..I was just checking this pattern out and wondering if I should tackle it for my two little ones. Pick me, that will be one less dress I'll have to make! =)


Lovely dresses. I lucked up and got all of my classes online this semester!!

My daughter is facinated with wearing dresses(I hope this lasts long) and she would love to add this one to her collection.



Oooooo! I think those dresses are so cute! As the mom of 7 daughters and 1 son, you can never have enough dresses.


Oh, I wish I had a girl to put in that dress! It is so darling! And you are totally amazing...I am so impressed that you and your mom made eight dresses in such a short amount of time--wow!


That is very adorable. I love the ruffle around the neck.


Gorgeous! I have a couple little girls that would look so darling in that dress!!!


what a great dress!! how adorable!


How beautiful, I absolutely adore the color combinations. And my 3 year old's favorite color just happens to be purple...

Leslie Wilson

Hey! I'm Emily Mitchell's sister. I have two little girls and she told me about your drawing! I love the dress and it would be great to win it! I'll post a link to this post on my blog since mine is private. Thanks,Leslie Wilson!

Sheri Blaisdell

I would love the dress for my almost 4 year old! She would love the purple!


This is the cutest dress ever!


Such a great dress! Fun blog.


Perfect! Great work!

I am looking forward to using that pattern soon. I just need some free time!


The dresses are adorable, thanks Jessi the girls love them :)

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

I have this darling granddaughter who would love to wear that adorable dress. Can I enter the contest, too?


I have twin girls and either of them would look adorable in this. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway. :)


I have the perfect little girl for that dress - My little valentine "baby" that will be 4 this year - I am going to take some time to check out your blog - I serendipitously was referred to your site from the the Kids Craft Weekly Newsletter-


That is a really cute pattern and a really cute dress--it looks fancy, yet roomy enough to play in, and I love your color choices.


I stumbled upon your site through Kids Craft Weekly. The dress is adorable...I'll have to check out the rest of your blog...

Leslie Gosney

You are so talented--I am not a seamstress at all. I would love this dress for my daughter.


Gorgeous dress! My daughter would go crazy for it!


Adorable dresses! thanks for the giveaway! Saw you on the Kids Craft Monthly newsletter so this is my first time here!


Beautiful! My 3 year old would love it! :)

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