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March 27, 2009


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emily m

Yumm! I think I'll try these and maybe add some blueberries!
Oh my gosh- girls night is tonight? I so haven't paid attention- I thought it was last weekend when we were all sick. Maybe I'll see you there!
I do think the move will be good for you although you will be sorely missed here. Let me know how that goes!


So, Ryan has an offer?

Miss S

Uhmm, those pancakes look great.

Thank you for your comment on my blog about my crochet blanket. There has been a few other questions about it so I have done a post to answer them. Hope you can find everything you asked for answered, and if you can't please write me again.

I love reading your blog and get into a good mood from it. Thank you so much.


Thank-you for the recipe Jessi! The pancakes look divine! I hope you are having fun/had fun with the girls this weekend!


In regards to the whipped egg whites - My Dad, (your grandpa) always said that his Dad (your great grandpa) said that they put the "cake" into pancake!

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