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March 26, 2009


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I'm sorry. Hopefully something else will come up!


I know what my husband would say.. "Go for it! Bite the bullet and live there. Looks aren't everything" But Jess, I totally totally understand how you feel. A girl definately should have that sense of pride in how her home looks... especially if she's the one in it all day everyday.
I guess it depends on how much those pros weigh out those cons. Good luck sista!
P.S. did you go to Lava? How was it?


Oh, I know how the commute can weigh on you. My hubby commutes 50 miles in one direction and I go 30 miles in the other.

My gut reaction is to go for it because in the long run it will be less stress (hubby more often home, less money going out, Peter's school), but I know how depressing a bad living environment will be.

You could hang fabric on the paneling to brighten it (of course then you would have to vacuum the walls), a beautiful wallhanging in the foyer to take the focus away from the hideous sponging (ugh). Or you could do something like this: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/sf/wallpaper/easychange-removable-wallpaper-from-sherwin-williams-055482

Is there a lot of competition for houses in this town? Maybe you could give it a few weeks and see if something else looks good?


That's tough.. but it does seem that there are a lot of positives about moving. Knowing how talented you are, I bet you can make even dark walls look good:)


I was thinking fabric over the walls, too.

What would your deposit be? Would the landlady be coming over often? Maybe you could paint the entry and then repaint it back to the ugliness -not that it could be replicated- before you move out, or just kiss your deposit goodbye.


Jessi, you can do it. You can turn the ugly into beautiful, I *know* it. Think of some bunting, how well it will brighten things up. Have you seen what fabric and starch can do for walls? Just find some opaque (I started to write non-see-through-able!) fabric, get a wallpaper trough and some bottles of liquid starch, and put up the fabric just like wallpaper. It's *extremely* messy to put up, but fun in a finger painting kind of way, and you can just peel it right down when you're leaving the place. Good luck finding something else, but if not, there are definitely options to make *any* place, even a dark-wood-paneled and sponged interior, into a space that you can live with.


I think you should probably just move. It is only temporary.

We live in a rental house and I just painted without asking. I am not sure I would paint paneling without asking, but paint over sponge paint? I would just do it. The worst thing that happens is you lose the security deposit, right?


Have you checked the other REALLY small towns in the area like Howe or Butte? There may be some cute rentals in those sleepy towns.
I know you guys will make the right choice. If that choice ends up being moving to an ugly house, I know YOU can make it cute.
It's hard though, I've lived in ugly places that I hated and it kind of added to my depression in the winter.
Let us know what you decide. You can tack up (or stable) that paintable wallpaper and make the room any color you want. I think the fabric sounds like a fun idea too!


Oh gosh Jessi, that's such a tough decision but I bet you already know what the best decision is for you and your family. I'll still read if I see paneling in the background because even paneling cannot darken your wonderful style!


Fabric was the first thing that popped into my mind ... and I even might have some ... in the sewing/craft room you could even use some butcher paper and let the boys have a continual art project ... although it might be difficult to retrain them when you move. Going back to the 70's, you could hang "love" beads from ceiling to floor! We could gently staple a light bamboo, cork, or burlap over that dark, depressing paneling.... whatever you decide I'll come and help you brighten up the place... if you decide to move there!


Maybe cling vinyl? I'm picturing big white vinyl circles on the woodgrain paneling. waaaay retro, and easily removable.


What a dilema. If you decide to move you could use your favorite vintage sheets as wall panels especially in your sewing room.

We live in a rental than has the same blah beige walls all through the house. I haven't done anything to the walls but I use bright art and furniture.

Good luck!


With the some of the money you'd be saving in rent and gas, I say allot yourself a weekly fresh flower fund. And then only look at the flowers. :P

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