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April 16, 2009


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Chistina J.

The other day my son said something about being in third grade next year. I felt kind of stunned. THIRD grade? How did that happen?!


I know this won't help, but C starting kindergarten totally stressed me out. Ugh! Being the first child just isn't any fun. I'm hoping I'll be more laid back with the other two when they start school. Love the sheets.


It does all get done. Somehow.

Must it be in the water because I am feeling WAY overcommitted over here right now too.


I love love love all those sheets Jessi! and your banner idea is gonna turn out so fabulous.


How is it that you live in a town chock full of vintage sheets? How? I am pretty sure those are all long gone in these parts.


AAAAHH! LOVE those sheets. I have the yellow one second from the left and one just like (or the same) the white floral one on the far right.

You should make a skirt or something fun and springy.


oh my heavens! i want those embroidered pillowcases, specifically the two on the right. They will look beautiful as a banner & I may just steal that idea. :)

you are having great luck!! spring has got me wanting new vintage sheets & pillowcases to work with, but I'm not finding too much.

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