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April 07, 2009


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OH MY GOSH! I love that!!! Idaho Youth Ranch always had the best stuff and the best prices. That's going to look so cool in your place. I want that couch. Maybe when you move you can sell it to me. ;)


Fab couch!


Nice. Go with it!!


The couch rocks.




Awesome! And I can't wait for the birthdaying.


That couch looks a lot like the couch we just bought at St Vincent De Paul. I love it! I'm excited about your move. I quite like the wood paneling.


ShallI borrow the Craig's green machine for you??? Wow... I lived through this time period and I never saw that combination ... but I like it ... you'll make it work. Can we all sa, "retro?"


Oh, I am so glad you got this -- it is AWESOME! I think you might end up loving this place after all!


I love it Jessi! You are so getting into the spirit of your move and it's going to be a home in no time. That couch is a treasure!!! I love the colors!
I can see it now. When you move out of that little quirky place in a year or so, I really think you're going to be a little sad!

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