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April 22, 2009


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Love those pyrex bowels. Plate is also pretty cute. You did good.


I may be talked out of my pyrex bowls if you're interested ... they were a wedding present back in 1974 ... do you remember them? Brown and gold .. I'm not that attached to them ... if you'd appreciate them more then I do you'd be welcome to them ... everyone and every dish deserves a loving home!


Nice scores Jessi! I just posted today about some thrifting finds too! Man, if we were only neighbors we'd tear the town UP!


I have that same set of pyrex. Not my favorite pattern, but useful.

Now, about the tablecloth. The pattern is Jewel Tea, made to go with a popular set of vintage dishware. It actually fetches quite a pretty penny on Fleabay. Just sayin....


The plate is AWESOME! Great find!


Darling finds! Amen to please let there be no more snow!


I love the pyrex! I might need to go search for some now...we only have two large mixing bowls, and that's not enough!


I have a tea cup with that same starburst pattern!


Nice haul!!

Jenn : )

Loooooove that tablecloth! Nice finds! : )


Love your finds! What cool finds. That plate would rock hanging in your new place.

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