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April 20, 2009


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Dena Rooney-Berg (Sugar Shop)

hah! how cute.

Angela S

Oh yeah. My kids love to play bed time. Oh, and totally unrelated something thats made bedtime a breeze lately is leaving their closet light on to read from. It started as like a 15 minute cool down but of course we'd forget to come turn out the light and by the time we came they'd passed out. I never would have thought it to work and know it won't forever but for now its made things easier. The kids are cute by the way.

Sue Wiscombe

How did your boys get so big?? They are adorable. I promise it seems like my baby was 2 just yesterday, it truly boggles my mind to think that he is headed to college. Good luck with your move


Oh, this is too cute!


Hilarious! It's so nice to have a sibling who pretends with you. Peep does this, but Chugs not so much.


Yep, my kids play that all the time! Too bad they don't actually fall asleep. I'd love for them to all take naps again!

Account Deleted

I love the pic with your kids. It's great!

Account Deleted

I love this pic with your boys. It's really adorable, sweet and cute!

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