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April 02, 2009


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Some light creamy area rugs will help brighten up the place and bounce around the natural light. A plus is that you can throw them in the wash. I have a rug that is a cotton loop that works well for this. I have also crocheted a rug out of strips of cotton fabric and a huge hook. Just be careful because it can be a little slippery if it is over a smooth floor, but it would be just the thing for covering up a piece of carpet.


It is dated, but not horrible.

I would say the fabric starch idea is a feasible one, but it would take a lot of fabric. (Althought sheets might work?)

Besides, you will have furniture and tvs and stuff in front of a lot of it.

I say dont sweat it. Move in and enjoy all that extra family time together!


It seems the outside of the house doesn't quite match the inside of the house. Someone sure took a lot of time to put up all that wood paneling. (The inside looks more lodge-like than the outside would hint.) Can you hang up some quilts on the dark walls to lighten them?


That sure it a lot of wood! I definitely think if you just hung up some light colored curtain panels over it, it would make a huge difference. Plus, as Sarah mentioned, you'll have furniture and that will be a huge difference.

It'll all be worth it in the end. You can do it!!

Angela S

I have to say this isn't even close to as bad as I was expecting. It has redeeming qualities and that natural light is incredible. The paneling isn't gross, which is a plus. And space. You'd have space. I like it!


Oh, it's not too, too bad! The light is gorgeous and the space is great! The kitchen may not be your style, but I love it. You might check out this site for decorating a kitchen in mid-century style: http://retrorenovation.com/


Hi Jessi,
It has so much potential to be such a charming place! My mind is reeling with the possibilities! I'm so glad you are looking for opportunities in the quirkiness of this place, after all, quirks are good! I think it's such a great idea to keep before and after photos of simple/easy changes you will make to help inspire others to do the same with their possibly less than desirable circumstances!


I think you'll be able to do fabulous things with this place - I like the idea of white cotton drapes and area rugs - you can go light (like white) with those or even something natural like jute or sisal would be cool. I was wondering if you would be allowed to freshen up the kitchen cabinets with a coat of paint (same white even) and maybe new knobs? The bones are good - and you can add colour with your accessories and fun fabrics. Can you hang art and photos on the walls? And... wondering if you can change the light fixtures... you could always store the old ones in the huge garage and put them back up when you leave, taking your fabulous, new fixtures with you to your next place.
You'll do a great job - no worries - before you know it you will make it a 'home'.


Dude - that place rocks!! Take it! Take it! The wood paneling - awesome! The kitchen - awesome! And to have your own yard and not have to share walls with anyone - well, that's my dream come true. And the commute is a big one. A year driving to Springville just about killed me. (Along with the UT County billboards.) Don't forget about www.scribbleonwalls.com - it's Jon Bybee's business. I help him out with PR for it, so I'm sure he can throw you a deal on wall decals. I have some in my office - love 'em!


I think you could work with it, really. Go for it!!


I think the place is great as well. For the living room I would add lots of color. Colorful area rugs, pillows, and accessories will liven up the space quite a bit. Plus the natural light is going to bounce off all the colors and make it feel cozy. For the walls I would consider doing stretched canvas silhouettes in varying sizes, like the ones found here:


and maybe something like these as well:


can't wait to see what you come up with!


I like the idea of hanging up some light colored quilts to lighten things up. And the paneling is not as dark as I feared. (I was imagining dark, dark, brown.) And the kitchen is so bright! That is good, I like a bright kitchen. You could take a good photo of the sponge panted hall, paint over it and then re-paint it when you move out.?
I'd like to go out and see the place with you.


I say go for fabric. Muslin, linen, anything lighter will help. I totally feel your pain. I am a very visual person and I get downright depressed by things like rooms full of paneling & such. Think of it as a fun challenge. I know you'll be able to brighten that place up. Enjoy it! I thinks the benefits totally outweigh the drawbacks. Buck up little camper. :)


Not too bad.. I had a much worse picture in my head. Very rustic. Can't wait to see the after pictures:)

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