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April 10, 2009


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I know there is some math you can apply, but that was so long ago for me that I can't help you there. It has something to do with pi. I remember that much at least. You could also try blocking it? (ie get it wet, stretch it until it lays flat and let it dry that way.) That might work. Maybe. I did make a circle rug once and it was much smaller, but I can't remember what I did to make it flat. Yours looks absolutely darling, and will look so wonderful in your living room when you get it done. Way to tackle such a big project!


I am of no help, but if you get it figured out let me know -- I'd love to make one!


I made a crocheted circle. It was really wonky. It was also fairly loose so that it settled flat fairly easily after walking on it a bit. So I guess my suggestion is to try it fairly loose so there is some give. You could also do a rectangle going back and forth rather than around and around. That might be easier to get flat for a large area. You could then bind the edges to make them straight.

Love the colors.



Umm-sorry. No insight here.


Its going to be lovely when you get it worked out. Maybe try emailing someone who has made them? I know V at V & co makes them, and Rebecca at thrifty goodness made me one (but she crocheted it together, so she might not be able to help.)

There is also a tut at the moda bakeshop and one from Eren at this vintage chica. Maybe they have an idea?


I have no idea, but please let us know when you figure it out! What a wonderful use for scraps. I think I want to make one for my house.
PS- We had so much fun today! Miss you already.


Ok, so are you winding it starting in the middle or the outside? If you're doing it from the outside, try taking it apart and starting in the middle. If that doesn't work, I would crochet it instead of sewing it. Are you using a zig zag on your machine to put it together? The way I envision making a rag rug (which I have never done before) is starting in the middle, coil the braid and just start zig zagging it together with a sewing machine. Does that even make any sense?


Hey Jessi ... Did you has Grandma and Grandpa? Both of their mothers made rag rugs. I'm also thinking that maybe you could actually stitch it to a base fabric? Maybe it would be too heavy ...


Hello - Shelly from the U.S. here - I'm having the exact same problem, my beautiful rug looks like a sombrero. Did anyone figure it out?


Hi - I did finally get it to lay flat. It was basically a matter of sewing little bit, and checking to make sure it was still laying flat every few rows. As it got bigger, I had to sort of feed the free end as I was sewing. I didn't use any strict rule - just kept trying and unpicked if it wasn't working. Good luck!

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