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June 16, 2009


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Oh, it is so lovely! I can't believe how much light the white curtains and furniture add and the punches of color are fantastic! The curtains make the room!


Oh, I'm so jealous! We really would love to have a room like that...

Chistina J.

Wow! What an improvement. From drab to cheery!


Awesome! That really is nice panelling and I love the windows.


You are what I wanted to be when I grow up! Everything looks amazing!!!!


It is adorable! What a great room for all of you.


Soooo fantastic. I love it. It is cheerful, functional, and whimsical.


It hardly even looks like the same house already. :-)


I need you to come decorate my house! I've been here for a year now and NOTHING is where I want it or styled how I want it. (Not to mention painted how I want it.)

I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU'VE DONE! If anyone could pull it off I knew it'd be you. SOOOOOOO cute!!!!

PS- I just found out that we are going out of town for the 4th with Justin's fam. They are last minute planners. Bummer.


It just goes to show that a bit of creativity can go a long way. Great job!


I like it a lot. You are pretty amazing at decorating.


so much brighter!! I love this - what a fabulous transformation!! a wonderful space to play and create! :)


I love how you brightened the room up with so much white! What a happy place to play and create!!


LOVE it!! You've really done a great job. I still have so much to do to my new place, you're putting me to shame.

I really love the rug, the thrifted chair and those vintage pans as office organizers! That's just inspired. I was looking for a way to do that very thing, now I know where to start. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!


Congratulations on being featured on apartment therapy!!! That's pretty awesome. I love that blog and when I saw the before and then the after I totally got excited for you! Great job again. I thought I already commented that but I guess not.


It really looks great Jessi! I can't believe how much your touch has lightened the place up!


amazing! you are one talented lady- love it.


love it!

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