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July 16, 2009


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Wow -- I'm using the same fabric for dining room curtains AND I have those same rings! Great minds think alike!


Cute. Much, much better.


You're going to turn that house into a home before you know it!


What a transformation!!


Hopefully things will smooth out for Peter here very soon. Every kid is different, but Jack will cling and cry like there is no tomorrow if I stick around at school. I have to really just dump and run if you know what I mean. (And he is perfectly fine that way once I am out the door.)


I love all of your curtains! (your sewing and decorating skills are amazing)


Sorry school has been such a hard transition this time around. I'm sure he'll be begging to go before you know it. He really liked his other schools right?

Those curtains are SOOOO cute! You have such great style. I got sick of the grandma curtains that were in my kitchen when we moved in too. Took them down about a week after we got here and have YET to replace them. You're amazing when it comes to getting things done!


Wow - I love them, very nice touch. Maybe one day soon I'll get a fe long over due projects done at my house.

Thanks for being tender for Peter - he'll get comfortable with this new step in his life, luckily he he understanding parents along the way!!


I'm so glad I have a bff who falls in love with her curtains! Blessings to you and Peter.


very cute Jessi, they look like they really could brighten up the room! Is that lizzy dish fabric? I love that stuff!


I love the curtains too!

I do still need to talk to you, it's good you are doing summer school. Don't even think twice about it, each transition will hopefully get a little bit easier. I know it's hard, been thinking of you!

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