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July 30, 2009


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I live in Illinois, and taught for a few years before my kids were born. I always feel bad when people talk about their children's school experiences as "so much sitting" & "so many worksheets". It SO does not have to be that way, and in my *humble* (ahem) opinion, it SHOULD NOT be that way. I don't know how many students were there, but it shouldn't really matter if there are 15 kids or 30 - sitting and worksheets is not better for "crowd control". It's a matter of teaching philosophy. It's too bad that was your family's experience. Good luck in the decision making process... do what's best for him! I agree with you that the first couple of years can really set the tone.


and by the way... totally interested in reading a couple of those books in your picture. (LOVE Dear Mr. Henshaw!)


We have been through the same thing with Griffin. We put him in a regular ed kindergarten class, receiving special ed services a few hours a week all last year but he still isn't ready to go on to 1st this year. Now Kim and I are thinking if only we'd done an extra year of Pre-K or if only we sent him to private kinder instead of public. . . would he be prepared for 1st grade now instead of waiting another year?! Not a day goes by that I don't wonder why my sweet boy struggles so (and mainly socially for him as well - extremely socially immature and then delayed in other areas as well) and yet things come easily to his sister! We are contemplating private Episcopal school (our church school) for the school year after this one but it's $20+ k a year (total for both) and I just don't know that we can swing that esp. with still wanting to have more children.
I guess all this is to say I feel for you and Kim and I discuss this daily. Kim and I at least are on the same page, it's just that they're aren't enough options and we can't afford some of the better options! Uggg.


I always love your photos.


Even your half-finished projects are so inspiring! I can't believe the amount of creativity that you possess.

Good luck with Peter's schooling. I know that it is a hard decision. Is it full-day or half-day?...that is probably one of the most important factors.

Three-hour kindergarten went (mostly) well for Aidan, but I am feeling nervous about first grade...it seems so long!


Do they go to kindy all day or just half days? Here kindy is half day in our district and to be honest, the day is so short that once everything is squeezed in there is very little time for "sitting."


Sadly, I think kindergarten is a lot of sitting now. My last two kids in kindergarten have had very little recess. They have not done many worksheets, but there is very little free play time or time outdoors. Of course two and a half hours is not much time each day, and kindergarten now is not so much about social as it is about learning to read.
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good luck with everything! Projects and kids. I know you'll make the right choice for Peter. You are the best mama!

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