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August 17, 2009


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Krystal Hansen

I dont really have a great birthday moment, but the birthday that sticks out in my mind was the birthday when my husband at the time boyffiend suprised me with a boxer puppy. Oh he was so cute. But now he is just a big pain in the butt.


My favourite birthday memory is when I turned 13 years old. I had a "grease" party. And I wore this cute little mini with a big poofy sweatshirt. All black and white with psychedelic colours splashed over it. My dad went to a lot of trouble creating a treasure hunt all over the golf course. There was even a part where you had to row out to the middle of a little dam in a rowboat and get a clue from an iron pole. It was the best birthday ever. :) I'm with you, go 1980's!

Emily Mitchell

My favorite birthday memory is much like yours. I had a birthday partner... my twin sister and we held our party at the local skate rink. I thought it was so awesome to rent out the birthday party room to have cake in and open presents and then go skate with all of my friends under the light of the disco ball. I think the first year we did this was my 11th birthday. Good times.

Emily Mitchell

Hey! You're on my facebook page now! :D


Hmmm, i caught my hair on fire blowing out the candles on my 16th birthday cake, does that count? LOL


Great banners, I just love the look. Colorful or monochromatic, both are fantastic.

My most memorable birthday was not my favorite... I was turning 9 (?) and my dad scheduled that day for my appointment to get eight or nine teeth extracted. Great, huh?

But my 10th birthday was great, we went to Disneyland for the first time and stayed until the fireworks at night. I still have the tickets! And this last birthday, my 38th, was spent at my sister's wedding. She was married at the Steinhart Aquarium in Golden Gate Park, so unique and unforgettable for sure.

Beth H

I remember in school I always disliked having a summer birthday since I couldn't celebrate at school, but one year my mom and dad made it up to me and had a big ice skating 1/2 birthday party for me so all my school friends could come and celebrate with me during the school year. Lots of fun and unlike any other 'birthday' party I had since it was all winter stuff instead of the summer swimming and such of a July birthday!

...I also Twittered and Facebooked this giveaway...I love those banners(and I know my kiddos would feel special with one up on their special day!)


favorite birthday memory ... going to Alaska on my 40th :)

Posted on twitter and facebook as well.


Favorite birthday memory is celebrating turning 28 in the Bahamas on a super fun vacation. Loved it, even thought I was 7 months pregnant at the time. Thanks for the great giveaway...the banners are adorable!

melissa sews

Love, love, love the birthday banners! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and it's one of my favorites. :)

Hmmm... favorite birthday would have been when I was 6. My B-day is just before Halloween, which made for fun themed parties. I can remember my mom let us all bob for apples, pin the tale on the donkey, and play dress up. Too fun!


lol! Love the turned up collar!
Let's see, my favorite birthday was going to California to spend it with some roommates (pre-marriage). Lots of fun with those girls!

I love all your birthday banners. I had noticed you've been selling them like crazy! Where do you find all the time? Cutting the lettering must be tedious!


Ah- Birthday memories.
I would have to say that my favorite birthday was my most recent. My 35th.
It was because, my two sons made precious cards for me, decorated a beautiful (to me) cake and really celebrated me with a love that I honestly never thought I would let anyone love me with.


you have been posted to my fb!


My birthday falls on 9/11, so in 2001, there was no reason for celebration - and it seemed there would never be. And while it's getting easier to celebrate, I like the fact that birthdays now are spent quietly reflecting on things I am grateful for...


My most exciting birthday memory was when I was turning 29 and pregnant. While my family and friends were singing happy birthday to me my sweet baby was kicking and moving and making mommy aware that she was wishing me happy birthday too. A memory I will never forget.


My favorite birthday memory was my 23rd--when I held my first child in the hospital!Thanks for the chance to win!

Little Miss S.

I really like the birthday banners. It's not something we have a big tradition for in my corner of the world, but I love the idea - somehow birthdays can never be celebrated enough i my family.
It's my best birthday yet every year, but actually my favorite birthday wasn't my own. It was my younger brothers 19th and all of our family was away on business trips or traveling - we ended up just being the two of us having the best day getting spoiled and having a great dinner before going out to the lake to swim. When we got back he gave me a hug and said it had been the best birthday he had ever had - doing exactly the things he loved the most. Each year we talk about doing it again sometime - just the two of us.


For my tenth birthday my family threw me a surprise birthday party. I remember my father had taken me out to buy one of those punch label makers while the party was assembling at our house.

And my favorite gifts of the day? Well, a jar of lamb baby food (I know! I still like it. lol) and the 45 of "Don't go Breaking my Heart" by Elton John and Kiki someone.


My parents always did my birthday up big - which I LOVED! One of my favorite birthday memories was a year I was into 101 Dalmations. They had let me sleep in their room and while I was sleeping, they painted one wall of my room with black dalmation spots and put new dalmation sheets on my bed. They moved me back to my room and when I woke up in the morning, I got to wake up to awesome new spots in my room!


My favorite birthday was my 22nd. I found out I was pregnant with my first.


My favorite birthday was when I turned six or seven. I had a snowman pinata and my mom and I made paper mache snowballs stuffed with party favors for each guest. It was so fun. My mom did amazing parties for us as kids. I now know how lucky I was!
Your banners are so cute! Thank you for the chance to win one.


You are so popular Jess! I feel honored to be your friend. I already have one of your awesome Birthday Banners, but I can think of several family members I could give one to. My favorite birthday memory was having a party at the Lion House when I turned 8. I still have the doll even though I've gotten rid of a lot of my other old toys (or passed them on to Peep.)


How cute! Your banners are wonderful! One of my favorite Birthday Memories was when I turned 16 and I had to go on a treasure hunt all over town searching for clues and gifts. My mom and sister put it together and invited my best friend and her mom. It was a little embarassing but a lot of fun. Birthday are great! Thanks for the giveaway.


I don't have a favorite birthday as I stopped counting after I hit the big 40! Your banners are creative and a neat way to get your message across!
P.S. Your mom is awesome! I just love her!


My favorite birthday memory just occurred last year. It started out as a horrible birthday because I was spending it on the road away from my family. When I got home my husband made me wait on the porch while he ran inside. Once inside my two little ones led me to the couch and told me to watch the tv. They had recorded themselves singing "Happy Birthday" to me on my new Flip camera. I still cry every time I watch it and I have definitely used that camera since then!

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