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August 25, 2009


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Nice... based on his smile he's ready for school. You and Ryan have made sure he's received the extra help he needs to make sure his first days will be positive ones.


Having a teacher that you *both* like will help! I love the muffin tin lunch idea, I've been visiting the Flickr group and drooling (as well as the Laptop Lunchbox group -- I want one so badly!).


That's great! It should just get easier from now on.

What a great lunch idea! I'll have to try that with Laura--anything to get her to eat!


It is always worse for Jack on the second and third day, but by the second week it starts to even out a bit. I hope the same is true for Peter (who looks so darn cute on his first day!).


Hannah's first day is on Thursday. Hopefully dropping her off will go as well as Peter did. Tell him it's ok to cry a little. I'm sure he wasn't the only one. I bet he'll be loving it next week! Glad you like the teacher!!!

Your kids really are too cute!

(PS- I still need your address for that banner.)


That is the best picture that I have ever seen of Peter. The second day is always a little bit harder and kids are always a little bit more tired. We are all ready for the weekend at this point.


I love muffin tin lunches! Tater is to the point where I should start making them again.


LOVE the green chucks! awesome.

and yeah, filling 12 hole muffin tins is just too much food. even with 6 (which we use) it's easy to put too much food out there.

hope day 3 went better than 2!

Sue Wiscombe

I CAN NOT believe that is Peter! He is so big and gorgeous! The big school boy--exciting times! I still can't believe I am sending one to college!

Stephanie Robertson

Peter looks so happy and excited! I am making the muffin tin lunch with Michaela tomorrow. I always get great ideas off of your blog!

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