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August 06, 2009


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Moms sure do start not counting early! I think you made the right decision, I think Peter will do great with the other kids and make some good friends. :)


We started the garden late, too. We picked a few tomatoes and cucumbers today, but my zucchini are still about a fourth the size of yours!

It will be great for Peter to be around all those other kids. Jaxon does the same for me -- is great at preschool and questions everything at home...."Why? Why? Why? Why?" I should keep count.


I'm so glad you guys made your decision. Sounds like a good choice! Keep me updated on how things are going. I'm getting excited/nervous for Hannah. We're going to see how this year goes. She has testing on the 19th and then they will place the kids in classes so that the teachers can have a good mix of kids at different levels.
We've picked 3 zucchinis and have picked tons of cherry tomatoes, but all our regular tomatoes are still green. I planted carrots late and just picked a few yesterday. So yummy, but I should have let them get bigger. My kids just get so excited about the garden!


You know you made the best decision for Peter, it sounds like Kinder is going to be awesome for him, and for your family. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, both in and out of the garden!


I'm glad you found peace and a decision. Yeah!


Hope it all works out well! Wishing you the best!!


That sounds like a good plan. And it will be a HUGE blessing for you to be able to volunteer in his classroom and see how everything is going there. Maybe this teacher will be really sweet and nice!


Keep us posted on how it goes!


:-) I think this was a good decision.

Jack is always a totally different kid with other people too. I am always hearing what an "angel" he is! LOL


Yay! I'm so glad you found a solution that brings you peace and I'm so glad things worked out with the teacher.

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