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September 29, 2009


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I know exactly how you feel about....
....blogging groove....
....going to town....
...quilting time....



I love the gingham shirt. It reminds me of my Grandma, in a very good way.

I've lived the rural life, about 7 miles from "town". The closer town in one direction had a grocery store and very little else of interest to me. McDonalds came while I was there. Big news. The town with the Walmart was 30 minutes away. I sure had to plan a lot more or I would have spent a LOT more time in the car.


Yes, it is small town life. It takes a lot to adapt to small towns, but it's worth it. Luckily Spenser goes to preschool three days a week "in town" so I do my errands then. And I only have Sawyer with me. Beats having all of them.

Love the gingam shirt.


It sounds like you've been busy with lots of fun (and important!) things. Sometimes blogging just has to take a backseat.

And what a fabulous recipe! I really want to try that one.


I hear ya. Life just seems to get busier and busier! Glad to hear that your shop is doing well. My photography stuff is picking up quite a bit too. All fun stuff, but it all takes time too!
Miss you! Call me if you ever have a minute.


Spud Harvest! I love it.
Can't wait to tell David about it-he will wax nostalgic:)
And I am with you on thrifting my own clothes. It seems like a huge hassle. I haven't committed to it, yet.


I LOVE thrift store clothes, but I never get to go anymore. There aren't any thrift stores close by and there is no way I can take my children with me to a thrift store. Nightmare. I do most of my shopping at Target, JCPenney, or Ross (5 minutes from our house) or online. Definitely more expensive. I miss thrifting.


I completely relate to slowing down with the blogging, it is hard to keep up sometimes. I could use a spud harvest about now!

You inspire me to check out thrift stores again, I went to them in Utah but I haven't ventured into them in Texas yet!


LOVE your blocks! I have some of those fabrics, too - dying to use them!

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