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October 11, 2009


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I understand your pickle here. Maybe you need a seperate blog for family (and close friends?) My blog is not private, but I have the settings set so it doesn't come up on searches, and I don't usually link my name to my blog when I comment on other blogs (also I don't show my blog on my profile.)


The ongoing dilemma of all bloggers who are mothers. I wish I knew the answer!


I've been having the EXACT same thoughts lately! If you figure out the answer share with me. As far as commenting goes, I honestly really only comment on a handful of blogs I read on a regular basis. Heck, half the time I really don't read a lot of them either, I like pretty pictures. :)
I recently cut the blogs I subscribe to in half, but it's still too many. I've started turning my computer off during the day sometimes instead of just putting it to sleep to keep me from spending too much time on it during the day.
I come here for EVERYTHING Jessi. I love the family stuff, the craftiness, the recipes, your shop info, basically I just love you!
I honestly think that you are so inspiring and I'd keep reading no matter what you write about. (Yours is a blog I actually read word for word.)
I can't respond to comments on my blog because I don't know how to do it in blogger, unless it's someone that I already know their email. So I don't worry too much about it. Maybe that why I don't get many comments. HA! Oh well, I think I blog more for me and my kids now-a-days anyhow. I have the same feelings you do about private blogs. Plus I would have never found you if I had had a private blog.
I'm sure my comment has not been very helpful. Sorry! Can't wait to hear what others have to say.

PS- You were WAY too sweet! I got the package and I LOVE it!!!! THANKS!


Well, I love everything here. Your blog is one of the few blogs that I feel is like my own - craft, thrift AND little boys. I think it's perfectly fine to have periods of silence if you just aren't feeling the blogging groove. We've all been there.

As far as participating in blogging via comments/other blogs/etc. I do what fits in my life right then. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less. (And really, I think the only time one even needs to spend a lot of time responding to comment is when thoughtful discussion is presenting itself. Responding to "love it" comments is totally unnecessary in my world.)


I think you should blog as long as it is enjoyable. But you won't be a failure if you don't respond to every comment. Sure some are asking for a response but you don't have to talk to all. And with a feed reader (google reader, etc) you can help manage those you read and that is actually pretty easy to cut back on. Find those you love. But regardless of what works for you best wishes and I've loved getting to know you through your blog.


It's hard, I know. I especially worry about the privacy/safety issue. But with the Ensign's article on blogging (last month, I think), I don't feel right about going private (but it's tempting!) Not that I have a big readership, but still...the Church is encouraging us to be part of the online community. Still, I'm not sure what to do about the privacy issue. Please let us know if you come up with a good solution!

I read your blog because I like the updates about you and your kids, and also your yummy recipes. I am a really un-crafty person, so that isn't a big draw for me, although looking at your photos is always a delight.

If the comments are really becoming too much, you could try turning them off. Maybe you'd feel less pressure then, and if someone that you knew really had something to say to you, they could send you an email.

Good luck with your decision!


just happened upon here looking for pickle recipes (the market down the street from me has all sorts of cukes at an astonishing sale) but as someone who works with blogs...

If you want, you could set comments to be moderated, meaning you would have to approve each comment before it got posted. There's a few other privacy options I could tell you more about, and would be happy to share more about how to make things more comfortable. :)


Well, I found you through craft but have enjoyed "getting to know" you and your family...but I know exactly what you mean about keeping up....I need to pare down but can seem to do it....

Ultimately, do what you are comfortable with! A private family blog and public craft blog?? And maybe make the commitment to update one on a certain day of the week and then the other on a different day??


I appreciated Karen's advice and changed some settings on my blog because of what she said. I also liked Angela's comment about letting blogging be what you need it to be and fitting it into your life the way that is best for you. I love everything you post. I so don't respond to any of my comments. My blog is mostly a journal of sorts for me and also a way to keep people who care about me up to date on my life. I love reading other blogs and I think blogging is a fabulous way of staying in touch with close friends and family, but I really limit which ones I read outside of that distinction. There are few choice non-family/friend blogs that I adore, though, and reading them often brightens my day. If reading any blog like that isn't uplifting or inspiring me I just stop following it. I feel guilty about it sometimes, but I don't have the time or energy for anything that isn't improving my life.

I try to blog at least once a week at a set time when I'm doing my weekly computer stuff--just to keep on top of things I want to post. If I have time, content, and inclination, I'll blog more. As far as reading blogs, I usually take half an hour (or more as warranted and available) in the morning to read my email and blogs. More than that I try to avoid. Sundays I try to make my computer-free days.

Keeping things intersting while keeping the kids safe is tricky, but I just do the best I can and share what interests me. There are bad people out there who can find you no matter what you do. The trick, as my wise brother-in-law said during a similar conversation, is to help good people avoid temptation. He compared it to locking your door. If someone really wanted to get into your house, a locked door wouldn't keep them out, but they do prevent the temptation of an unlocked door to a casual passer-by. I need to go look up that Ensign article Corri mentioned. Sorry for the book!


I love hearing what your are doing with the boys, the crafts, the thrifty things.

One thing that I have done that makes checking blogs a lot quicker is that I used Blogger to set up a blog with RSS feeds of all of my favorites. I have a couple different lists, family/friends, art/craft/cooking, family history. When there is a new post to one of the blogs it pops to the top of the list with the blog title and a picture if there is one. That way I don't have to check each one to see what it is about and if there is something new and I can see enough to see if I want to read more. You may already do something like this, but it saves me time.

As far as safety goes, I don't use my kids names or mention the city we live in. I also think, would I say this to my friends at park day if I knew stranger were within earshot? I think it helps to hear what you are thinking and it is good to be personal. So much of the online communication is very superficial. You may know what someone ate for breakfast but not how they are doing.

Lindsey S.

I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I found you while looking for instructions for a crochet rag rug and I've been coming back for more since then.
I love your insights on motherhood, small-town life (which I am all-so familiar with), crafting, thrifting (my new favorite thing), your photography, and recipes.
I am not a blogger (I thought about it, but I really don't think that I have anything to say that anyone would want to read about) I instead started facebooking, which actually poses the same problems that you are dealing with. (what do you share? What is left as personal?) It is all such an odd world that we have created with the internet, so practical, so informative, but it also leaves us vulnerable and it is often impersonal.
I love your blog, it gives me something to look forward to and it feels nice to have a sort of cyber-friend out there to "visit" with.
Whatever decision you make, I'm sure it will be the best for you and your family. God bless and thank you for allowing us to "peek through the window" and see what you are up to.


Another Jessi blog lover here! I have thought the same things about privacy but I don't think that many people are interested in my blog either. Just family and some friends, but that is who it is for anyway.

My plan for my blog is to use it as a journal. I am going to print out the pages for both of my boys as a sort of scrapbook.

You have inspired me in many ways and so I hope to read many more entries here or somewhere else!

Sandi Henderson

I'm sure you've received some great advice, here is what I've gathered from my experiences..

If you are going to use your blog to promote your business, it is a good idea to blog frequently. Not doing so gives the "look" that you aren't actually doing anything, even though we know that is so far from the truth.

If you decide to just blog for your own happiness, I wouldn't let yourself feel the slightest bit guilty about letting time slip between posts.

Come to think about it, I consider my blog personal, but it's obviously used for promoting my business as well and I don't let myself feel guilty when time has passed a bit too much.

I just pick my priorities and stick to that list. Blogging is very near the bottom and if I get around to it, then great. If not, eh? At least I tucked my kiddos into bed that night.



Definitely a tough decision. I made the decision when I started my blog to keep my kiddos relatively anonymous - and sometimes i kinda hate it, but I have never regretted that decision.

I do have a personal/family blog - mostly just kiddo photos (showing faces) that really no one reads except my mom. It's password protected. Yeah, it's a pain, but I do that one mostly for the grandma's and my own journaling/ family history, so it's worth it.

I'd say don't just do 'craft and shop' kinda stuff on here - my fave blogs are the ones that show that they are REAL people - people with kids and messes and personality.


How would I keep an eye on you guys if I didn't look here occasionaly! By the way bookclub is at my house next month, I think you should come!


I'm late to the discussion and don't have much to add.. just that I like reading your blog! You also seem to strike a good balance between everything. I am one of those private bloggers now but that is because I saw some hits from my site meter that made me a little uncomfortable. By the way, I definitely think you don't need to reply to each comment at all! Hope you are doing well!!:)


Hi Jessi,
As you can see, I can't keep up with it all either! lol! I'm glad you're going to keep blogging, just do what you can do! For me, if I post once a week, so be it. Sometimes it's longer than that even. I have had to clear out my reader several times because I had accumulated thousands of unread posts. Something's gotta give. I've tried to take a "no shame or guilt" view about blogging. I'm not obligated to leave comments, respond to them or post. When I do, it's a bonus. The only time I make sure to respond is if someone asks a question. Otherwise, only if I have the time or desire. Give yourself a break! And about the personal info thing. Yeah, I agree. I try to keep it light and not get into that too much!


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