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November 01, 2009


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Jessi - the costumes are fantastic. I love batman - can't wait to see them both. Sounds like you made it a Halloween that all of you will remember. I've got a new plan for my costumes - next time I talk to you remind me to run it by you. And I especially love Jessica the eclectic witch!!


Jack has like 10 lbs of candy, but he hasnt even asked for it once, so I have no idea what to do in your place. I think I would offer $$ for it, but Jack is VERY into $$ and knows exxactly what he is saving his money for. (Around here a lot of the dentists are offering either $ or passes to the YMCA/stuff like that in exchange for candy. They then send the candy to the troops overseas.

You are all ADORABLE!


LOVE your costumes! Great job. My kids got SO much candy this year. Mostly from the trunk or treat and relatives. (we only went trick or treating down 2 streets)
I have them throw it in the same bowl and then while they are sleeping take half of it and save it for Christmas stockings, then take a TON of it and send it with Justin to work, and then hide whatever is left for treats when I have to take them to the PO or something. They don't notice that any of it's missing because they don't really have a concept of what's "theirs" when it's all in the same bowl.
I was a witch this year too. Your costume looks way cooler than mine did. I didn't even get a picture of myself.


Fabulous costumes Jessi! My kids get ONE piece after dinner every day (which usually lasts until Easter. Sheesh!) and if they ask me for any earlier in the day, they don't get any candy after dinner. I'm a mean mommy, I guess, but I can't stand being nagged about stuff.


I really like the costumes. Your boys are getting so big!! About the candy, Rachel is really good about asking if she can have just one piece of candy. Yesterday, she did clean her room so she could have more than one piece:)


Wow! Great costumes--especially yours! I've never seen such a fun witch before!


Amazing costumes!


You are seriously so cute and creative! Man, I'm so jealous. And those nephews of mine sure are cute!


I love the costumes. So cute. We didn't end up with much candy this year, but I like suggestion I read on another blog. The parent had a don't offer, don't refuse policy. The candy was hidden on a high shelf and they were limited to one piece per day. After not very long the kids forgot about it and the parent threw the rest away. If the kids asked about it after that the answer was that the candy got to old and wasn't good to eat anymore. Sounds like a good plan. I don't know if it works with all kids.

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I love these photos! So sweet!

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