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November 19, 2009


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That sure is a catch up post. I'm so happy for you that Peter is doing so well in school. What a relief. And exciting for him to have successes. Awesome!


Of course I am going to zone in on the shoe part....AWESOME BOOTS!


The boots are awesome. If only I had a reason to get some...
Way to get involved with PTSA. The schools need more great parents like you involved!
I am now going to check out Wii active. We have Wii fit, but my curiosity s piqued.


Awesome boots! You have a ton on your plate right now. Wow. No wonder you haven't been blogging. Good luck on your talk. It is amazing to me how much my missionary training kicks when I have to speak in public. You'll do great. Also, if a young boy not following directions is a sensory disorder symptom, its a rampant problem.


Glad you've been doing good and keeping busy. We've had sickness. Yuck. Seem to be all better now though. Everyone is back to school today.
Good luck on your talk.
See you soon.


Your photo of the fall leaves is gorgeous. I think it needs to be framed and hung on a wall. Hmmm, I think I may know just the place!! Oh, and great boots too. Which color did you get?


Thanks for the catch-up. I always love reading your posts! A suggestion for the decor: Hollow out a small hole in the top of apples with a knife or melon-baller, then place a tea light (walmart has huge bags for a few bucks or you can find the battery operated ones online if your church doesn't allow real candles) Those plus some pine cones and colored leaves from the backyard make a great table-top decoration.Or, a cute idea I saw on TV, collect small stones and write with a marker words that describe what you are thankful for, or use as place settings. I love the boots, I am also searching for the perfect boots. . . although mine are more for "pretty" rather than function. . .I don't really need snow boots in NM! Take care!

Jenn : )

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog - you know what I've been up to! : )
I'm happy to hear that Peter is thriving at his school - yay!
And congrats on the exercise, healthy eating and weight loss - it's not an easy thing to do. Keep up the great work!!


I know what it's like to be out of the blogging groove. No matter, you're great whether you blog or not.

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Wii Fit is kind of fun but I will try Wii Active. Thanks for the link.


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