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January 12, 2010


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Great pics Jessi!


Even though I love living in Southern CA, I do with sometimes that we had colder weather and I could bundle up. Today was 75. I'm a little jealous.


Georgeous photos! I have also always appreciated January for the same reason- my birthday- but recognizing its beauty is really inspiring as well. Thanks for reminding us all to remain positive. Take care!


Beautiful photos. I love seeing the frost, but don't miss the cold. It is just right here, chilly enough in the winter for sweaters, but not for snow.


Jessi, the photos are amazing... such detail. Now all you need to do is give me a few ideas for your b-day present!


Well, those gorgeous photos cheered me right up at least. Thanks Jess!


With pictures so gorgeous, it's hard to say that I hate January.

I do get the blues during these next few months, but I've been trying to combat them with jogging and sewing this year.

At least you have that blue sky! That goes a long way on a cold day. The inversion has made it pretty dark and gross here lately, but I see some blue today outside. YAY!

I promise I am going to get back to you on the marathon date. I'm still holding off on signing up because I'm not totally sure that I can do that AND Hood to Coast.

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