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January 29, 2010


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Oh, you give me hope. I'm trying to lose weight and using the Wii, too. Hope you have a wonderful birthday week, and a year full of great things. Happy birthday!


Happy BIrthday and welcome to 33. We will only be in this club together for a couple of months, as 34 is quickly approaching for me!

The cake looks delicious!


Happy Birthday Jessi! Hope this year is a good one for you :)


Happy Birthday BFF! Awesome cake stand and congrats on the weight loss. That takes a lot of discipline. I look forward to getting to use my Wii Fit again someday. Right now Tater pushes the off button on the platform in the middle of my exercising.


Happy birthday and congratulations on losing 20 pounds.

The cake plate is adorable.


Happy Birthday! I'm glad the 30s are getting better for you. I love your attitude of tackleing new things to deal with the things that are beyond your control. It's certainly a roller coaster. I turned 30 my last year in Davis and the few years after that were pretty crazy, not bad just hectic. I'm glad to have found a more peaceful place. Oh, and love the cake stand.

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Happy Birthday.


Looks like a yummy cake! Hope this year is a great one!:)

Heather Hurst

Hey crafty lady - the 30s are going to be the best decade yet! (And I'm hoping 40s will be even better...) Happy birthday! And that cake platter is super cool. I wish I had a smidgen of your creative genius! Hope to see you soon!

BigHug, LitleHug, BigKiss, LittleKiss

Stephanie Robertson

Happy Birthday! I hope this is the best year yet...

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