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January 06, 2010


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Both of these are adorable!


Nice ... they're both great hats. Cayenne, you're incredible... maybe one day I'll learn how to knit and spin. Jessi - I admire your improvising gumption ... nicely done.


You and Cayenne amaze me! I HAVE TO LEARN THIS YEAR. If that's the only goal I keep, I'll be happy.
Too bad my RS meetings are on the same night as Cayenne's knitting group.


I love your cute crochet hat. Good job. You definitely look very chic in the beret. I'm so tickled you like it. Happy New Year!

Sue Wiscombe

OK GIRL! I am just catching up on reading blogs of some of my favorite people and I have to say that you look AMAZING! It sounds like life is good your way. How lucky is your community to get your talents for the play? I am always amazed at the talent that comes together in small areas! If I didn't tell you I meant to..We adored our Christmas socks!

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