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May 02, 2010


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Done! I hope I didn't sound like an idiot...and that they take these comments to heart!


Ugh, all those changes are STILL really bugging me. Not the addition of SPD, but taking away Aspergers and PPD NOS.


I'll comment by the end of the week. Thanks for being an advocate for Peter - he's so amazing. Everytime we're together he teaches me new ways to see things - he opens up my thinking.


As someone who uses the DSM on a regular basis for work, I am glad you put this out there!


Not familiar with DSM but Robert is. You are a great advocate for Peter! E's OT actually mentioned that she thought that E's motor delays might be partially sensory related, not purely a strength factor.


I wish I had no idea what you are talking about here but when you know all of those acronyms it is hard! Thinking of you guys as we cross this bridge in our own family too.

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