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May 16, 2010


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Nice ... very, very nice. You look beautiful. I'm going to use one of your skirt adaption methods for a costume for Kortney. She needs a poodle skirt in a week - so I'm taking the one I made her for Halloween several years ago ... lowering the waistline to make it big enough for her now. Yeah ... you saved me time and money.


What a great idea! You look gorgeous and your hair is getting so long. I miss you.


I am really impressed...it's beautiful!


I actually have a long-sleeved tee shirt that I cut down the front and was going to do this to. (I realized it was too snug with a shirt underneath of it and I figured I could stretch it out a bit more with binding.)


So stinken cute! I'm totally doing that sometime. LOVE IT!


Love the trim!


Love it! I only wish I was good enough to do it myself. You look so pretty too!


Wow! Super cute!


LOVE IT! Such a great idea! I need to go through my closet and clean out all the things I don't wear, but I've been postponing because I love some of my old stuff too much to say goodbye. This is a great way to re-invent my old faves! Thanks Jessi! (I also Loved the skirt you shortened!)


I love it! I don't have that much experience sewing but I am going to try it with a sweater I wore once, I always try it on but it never lookes like. It is a pretty camel color. Instead of fabric I am going to use ribbon for the edges.


Jessi, that is so cute! BTW have you made anything out of those awesome knits in your last post>

Sue Wiscombe

NO way! That is beyond adorable. I have to try it. You look amazing by the way!!

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