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July 07, 2010


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Our vegetable garden has gone crazy this year, but it has been so hot and dry that the flowers aren't doing *quite* so well...


Flowers are doing well. Veggies not so good. My one sunflower is not as big as yours.


They're beautiful.


Oh I love those bleeding hearts and sunflowers are my favorite flower! What a colorful yard! We focused more on growing vegetables this year and I never have posted on the results yet. We did okay, better than last year. I think we learn a little more as we go.


Ours is pretty sad this year. I don't know if it lack of water or what. Our raspberries are very happy at least. I hope next summer's project will be to overhaul the whole little yard.

Elizabeth Pickett

My sunflowers are almost as tall as yours! I pushed a stick into the ground and tied string around the stalk to help keep them straight until they grew so thick the string had to come off. Yay for plants!


My garden unfortunately isn't really growing this year. I was so sick during the planting season that it didn't get done. In fact I tried to plant a few tomato plants late and I think MAYBE one will make it.

Yours looks beautiful!!!

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